Personalised Consultancy

1 meeting

During this session, you will receive a detailed evaluation of your professional profile. We will conduct a comprehensive discussion about your experience, current situation, and available paths to achieve your professional goals in Australia. This will include job opportunities in the healthcare sector, both before recognising your degree and afterwards.

After 7 days, Dr. Heidi will provide the RoadMap, a personalised career report to guide you on the best decisions regarding the next steps in your career in Australia.

This consultation is a valuable opportunity to gain guidance and expert insights, enabling you to make informed choices.

You will:
   Discuss your career options and degree recognition.
   Have all your questions answered.
   Decide if a career in Australia is right for you.
   Decide if you would like to proceed with full Career Advisory services.
   Receive the RoadMap, a written career plan.



1 meeting
1 hour


AUD 250

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