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“I am a University Professor in Brazil and have many staff and students in my laboratory. Dr Heidi's Medical English classes have been instrumental in my students' career development. As they are now confident with their Medical English and have even presented their work at conferences overseas .”
University professor, Dr angelica vieira
“I’m fortunate to have been part been part of Dr Heidi's Medical English course. I follow her on Instagram and as soon as I saw that she was opening a class, I  knew I wanted to learn with her!  I am a Medical student in Brazil and I dream of going to Australia one day. Her course has a lot of patient /doctor conversations and teaches pronunciation of medical words. ”
student, Emilia D
“I am an IMG (International Medical Graduate) and need to do the OET and  AMC CAT MCQ exams to work in Australia. I am impressed by Dr Heidi's course. I have never seen Medical English courses that focus on pronunciation. Also, I kept thinking:: how can a pre-recorded course help me with my speaking skills? I always thought I needed live lessons, or private lessons. Dr Heidi has figured out a way to help us with our speaking. I guess this is because she is a scientist, and is used to inventing new ways of doing things! I finished the first course and would like to continue studying with her!  .”
Medical Doctor, J Rodriguez
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