CV and Interview consultancy

The CV and Interview consultancy was carefully designed to meet the needs of professionals in the fields of health and science, offering support in both adapting CVs to the Australian market and enhancing the skills necessary to succeed in interviews.

This service is aimed at individuals who are planning a move to Australia and seek guidance in creating an appropriate resume, or for those already residing in the country facing challenges in entering the job market.

First Week
In the first week, we will conduct an Initial Meeting of one hour, during which we will have a comprehensive discussion about your experience, current situation, and job opportunities in the healthcare sector. Additionally, after the meeting, Dr. Heidi will conduct research on five jobs aligned with the chosen career during the initial meeting.

Second Week
In the second week, Dr. Heidi will develop the resumes according to the roles, contacting you via WhatsApp to collect relevant information about your experience. It is essential to respond to messages within 24 hours to ensure there are no delays in the CV creation. Dr. Heidi will also draft cover letters for each role. You will need to review them, correct them, and ensure they are aligned with your experience.

Third Week
In the third week, there will be a final meeting of up to one and a half hours for you to apply to the roles. It is important to complete this step together, as some positions have a pre-selection step at the time of application. Additionally, during this meeting, we provide interview training, addressing common questions, offering extra materials with practical exercises, and conducting a real interview simulation. The entire process includes personalised feedback, ensuring your continuous improvement.



3 weeks


AUD 750

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