Full Career Advisory Service

The Full Advisory Service is designed for professionals seeking comprehensive support, from career choice to goal achievement, and is organised in stages to ensure flexibility for clients. If at a specific stage you decide not to proceed to the next one, there is no obligation, ensuring that you only pay for what you will actually use. Payment for the Full Advisory Service is made by milestones that the client wishes to complete, each within a predefined time frame.

We offer a complete range of services, from defining career trajectories to support in crucial stages such as legal consultations, professional recognition, and job application processes.

This Advisory service includes:

Individual Consultation/Personalised Career Plan:
We develop a tailored plan to help you achieve your professional goals in Australia. During our initial meeting, we will discuss your career options and professional recognition, and you will have the opportunity to decide whether you wish to proceed with the Full Advisory Service.

Professional Recognition:
We assist in validating your profession, ensuring that you are ready to shine in the Australian market.

Job Search Support 
We will assist you in crafting a resume following the Australian standard and include interview simulation training. Additionally, we offer support in searching for and applying to up to 5 relevant positions, connecting you with job opportunities that will kickstart your career solidly.

Legal Support and Professional Translation:
In collaboration with immigration lawyers and NAATI-certified translators, we accompany you in your initial meetings, providing support throughout the process. It is important to note that we do not offer legal advice, but we stand by your side during legal consultations, ensuring a dedicated presence and facilitating communication.



AUD 3300

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